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Run a Ctrl-Alt-Del group in your church
Ctrl-Alt-Del is an online course that individuals can access for free at http://ctrl-alt-del-course.com
Prayer Guide
Naked Truth believes that prayer is central to our response to the issue of pornography. As such we create a quarterly "prayer diary" with a different focus for prayer each day. You can receive a daily notification via this app with the prayer topic for the day.
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Research and Statistics
Support for Parents
Naked Truth has supported thousands of parents through our events and resources.
In 2021 we held a 3 day conference with content from some of the world's leading experts & contributors on the topics.
Connect us with a local school
For the past ten years Naked Truth have been delivering lessons in high schools and have presented lessons to over 100,000 pupils on the harmful impact of pornography.
Products to start conversations
Want to start a conversation and make a donation?
Ctrl-Alt-Del Course now available as an app
A free, on-demand video course designed to help you reboot your life & 'force quit' your porn use.

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The 3 Peaks Special (Interviews)
In May 2024 our staff, supports and friends took on the derbyshire 3 peaks challenge for raise funds for our work. The goal was to raise £10,000 for our 10 year anniversary. Along the way we recorded some interviews with those you had dared to join us on this walk. Expect to hear some tired but pass
You can't fight something with nothing
In this episode Ian Henderson and Cat Etherington discuss contributions from authors Glynn Harrison and Andrew Bauman.They focus on how to shift from just fighting against something negative like porn, towards finding flourishing in something positive and life-giving. They discuss Andrew's Bauman's
What a difference the church can make. (Cindy's Story)
We depart from our normal format and feature a full interview with former Naked Truth client and current Head of Recovery, Cindy Bajema. Cindy's story of betrayal trauma is full of hope and includes how she and her husband discovered restoration and faith through the support of the local church. To
How does the church help partners of users?
Cat opens up and shares her own story of being partner of a porn user and the betrayal trauma she experienced. Leading researcher, Barb Steffans, helps us understand the impact on a partner which can include PTSD symptoms. They discuss an extract from Lyschel Burket's PWORD talk which unpacks the im
How does the church help p0rn users?
In this second episode in the series, Ian and Cat talk about "how to talk about p0rn". They cover the topics of shame & confession, accountability relationships, supporting female users and creating a culture where it's safe to ask for help and what to say when they do. This episode includes extract
Science Verses Scripture
In this first full episode in the series, Ian and Cat play extracts from leading experts Dan Drake, Dr Jake Porter and Dr Paula Hall and explore how the church's response to porn use and addiction can be shaped by both theological and scientific thinking.To hear the P WORD talks in full visit www.pw


The Manifesto
Visible's Vision
Joshua Luke Smith: Vacant | Spoken Word
"Appetite" by Ian Henderson
3 steps to quit porn (that you can start today)
Andy Lowe: Jeans | Spoken Word
Click to Kick story
Vacant 'Unplugged' | Spoken Word | Joshua Luke Smith